Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My first kiss

A big pardon to everybody, i had mistakenly published this entry without any word content. As i'm writing this entry, my unica hija doesn't feel so well ( ubo ng ubo ) so i have to attend and check her to the room from time to time at sa kakamadali i had clicked the wrong button hehehe well tao lang. The title is a bit intriguing! yes, its true this is actually my first Quiche lorraine ( pronounced kisch ) very captivating title as i love playing with the words :) As my last entry of salted tart, here's my first quiche that really captivates our hearts to be in love with at uulit- ulitin talaga.
For the pastry dough :
200 grams flour 
( i figured out that the cheaper flour i used is the best for making dough )
100 cold butter ( cubes )
Ingredients : 
300 grams ham ( i used ham hock, slice and cut into small cubes )
20cl cream
200 grams grated cheese 
4 eggs ( medium )
1 tbsp. flour
In a bowl beat the eggs, add the cream, ham, grated cheese. Season with salt and pepper. Lay your dough over the round baking pan. Add the mixture. Set your oven at 200 °C and bake for 45 minutes.
Quiche lorraine just came out from the oven 
letting it cool first for Bibingclara 
It was a big hit to my two frenchy. They both love it! now, it's already included to my weekly menu. See? ( sorry for the photos i made it during night time ) Bibingclara had a big slice and believe me, She had finish all! miam miam! :)

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