Monday, October 18, 2010

Last supper

A last supper portrait of Bibingclara's stuff toys. It was not only Claudebiko who likes photography even Bibingclara can do a memorable photo of her everyday playmates ( i have to find a camera toy that she can play with at yung me flash talaga )
salu-salo together of tigrou,clown,deer and mr.chien 
nagpa practice mag shot nung baby palang sya 
posing to the max talaga at sya ang model ng papa nya 
We are using a normal casio exilim camera ( black edition ). Taking pictures just for pleasure, not for professional purpose but hey, if you have a cute model why not to get a more nicer and good camera. hmmm... tight budget! How i wish i could have a new one ;) Santa clause plssssssssssss

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