Monday, October 18, 2010

Bed time stories

Every night before going to sleep, it has been a ritual to read story books to Bibingclara. I remember that the first book that Claudebiko's purchased for our daughter ( she was only 6 months old ) were all "pabula". I am not into reading, but reading story books each night to Bibingclara was like an exercise for my french ( mostly pronounciation ). When i gets tired of reading, one night i asked her if she could read me a story. Bibingclara has really a good memory ( a memory like an elephant as french expression ) She chose le roi pipicaca ( my first purchased of alex sanders collection ) and she started to relate me all the contents of the book without knowing of reading ( she was just only 14 months old or earlier than that ) i was so surprised! I shed a tears and non-stop applauding i hug her so tighted naku anak! ang galing-galing mo :)
ang haring makumpuni-maimbento / ang haring matapang-matapang
ang hari ng peepee at poopoo
( courtesy of mama )
ang haring hindi-hindi / ang reynang maldita-maldita
( courtesy of lola paulette )
ang haring magalang-magalang
(courtesy of papa )
The reason why we would like to keep her up, give her our 100 % support. We are so proud of her! ( Bravo! bravo! ) Napaka funny ng story books at napagka cute ng mga kwento ngayon di lang si Bibingclara ang nag e-enjoy pati ako ay nag e-enjoy na rin hehehe we'll have to purchase another book from the same collection soon :) 

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