Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chocolate cake queen

Here's the new title of my friend Cléo, The Chocolate Cake Queen!!! aside from being Reyna last january ( because of the luck getting the fève / bean charm of galette / king cake ) now, i am very proud awarding hehehe to her that title kasi everytime, she make a nice chocolate cake! master na master nya talaga! kahit nakapikit kayang-kayang gawin hehehe :)
                               look how busy the chocolate cake queen perfectioning her cake
                    konting chocolate make up ( she'll teach me how doing the choco icing )
                                                       budburan ng nuts all over at ready na!
it was our cake last halloween party 2008
She made a choco/orange cake for the halloween party kahit na hindi sya nakarating ( dahil bday debut ng kanyang pamangkin the same day ) she actually never runs-out of idea's how she'll make her choco cakes more luscious! thinking this coming halloween party ano kaya ang i ba bake nya? :)

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