Saturday, August 28, 2010

Salted tart / Tarte salée

I missed cooking! yes, i haven't cook for long. Usually, we buy ready food and eat bbq's during our stay in Ile de ré. My mother in law has a gas range that is working really good ( old electrolux arthur martin ) but without habitually baking using of gas, i preferred not to do so :(. I cooked leek tarte once a week at home ( Bibingclara's favorite ) and because we are missing already of eating salted tart, i obliged to buy home made tarts in the bakery. They have plenty selections of tarts ( onion,tuna,spinach,leek, and quiche lorraine ) Quiche - is a savoury tart consisting of a shortcrust pastry garnished with a mixture of eggs, smoked bacon and cream. I bought one the other day ( Claudebiko's choice ) and ohh the crust was really good perfect to our palate! except of a bit saltiness of the filling maybe because putting too much smoked bacon ( the way maybe it has to be cook ). I guess i have to learn making quiche lorraine for my loving Claudebiko ( will include it on my futur cook's list ). The very next day, i bought another tart ( i must try their version ) i bought leek tart for Bibingclara :)
                        Au Pain Marin - the one and only bakery in la couarde village
i bought small leek tarte with goats cheese and bacon on top for 10.30 euros ( 4 personnes )
good tart! but not as good as mine ( i put more leeks ) though they make really a good crust :)
I must learn how to make a good crust thinking now what's their secret. Using a good butter and adding hint of sea salt from its own region? hmmm.... maybe... maybe! :)


SimpleMomRizza said...

buti ka pa marunong mag-bake ako hindi... huhuhu... marunong lang akong kumain! hahaha!!!

Maruhya said...

madali lang mag bake kaso ang init kasi sa atin lalo kapag gumamit ng oven :(