Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sea salt / Sel de l'ile de ré

We used to bring home kilos of salt from here that we'll gonna be our stock for almost a year round. One day, we went for a bicycle tour along Ars en ré village and got the chance to stop by just to show to Bibingclara how they recolte salts in marais salants. Actually, we can buy from their selling boutiques at the village. The last time we bought salts from the supermarket was the salt from isabelle but now i have found more varieties / aromatic salts from esprit de sel so i bought some in a plastic bottle jars and bought some caramel candies as well :)
photos taken by Claudebiko while Bibingclara recolting her kulangot hehehe ( maalat daw! she said. she really knows the word kulangot ( tinuruan ko hehehe ) then she will say "yuck!" after :)
mountains of salts as you can see on the side
a man recolting salts from far
There's another thing that i would like to bring home i get curious with Salicorne. I would like to have bottles of vinaigre de cidres aux salicornes ( cider vinegar with salicornia ). I heard that salicornes are great too for salads :)


SimpleMomRizza said...

ang cute naman ng salt hills na yan :) ilang taon mo kaya uubusin yan maruh kung ga-trak ang iuuwi nyo? hehehe

Maruhya said...

ang dami ko nga kung mag uwi i remember naggagawa na din sila ng cosmetics dati nakabili din ako ng pang foot soak at pang foot scrub na me halong asin na galing dito. maganda din syang ipang regalo lalo nat nakalagay yung mga asin sa mga cutie pagkages :)