Monday, August 16, 2010

Notre dame of Ré abbey / Abbaye des chateliers

It has been a long time since i wanted to visit the church near the village of la flotte -is our second preffered village next to St. Martin. The flotte village is lively! you can even sit and relax under the sun (at the little port or cafés around ) without spending hehehe but for the woman like me na makati ang kamay at always on the go hitting all the small boutiques in the village eh talagang makaka purchased ka hehehe ( i had bought some pairs of tsinelas for my friends who will come over to visit and join us before end of summer ) i hope i've got the good sizes!
      nice candy colours ( mine is the biggiest! ) got them in a budget-friendly price hehehe
We are spending little holidays time to time here in Ile de ré but haven't had the chance to take photos of this old church ). One fine day, the light was so perfect to take some photos so we grabbed the opportunity to come and see after having a nice chocolatey flavour ice cream around the village :)
 i can't immitate how they make photos like what my sister do when they were in Bicol
in front kung saan ang kutong lupa ay nasa gitna hehehe :)
nahirapan akong magbasa ng history ng simbahan (french eh!) althought me english version ang haba! hahaha kaya ayan nagmodel nlang ako habang ang kutong lupa na si Bibingclara ay nasa loob na at naglililibot hehehe
inside the old church with her demoniac smile hehehe a photos taken by Claudebiko 
an exhausted mama (by the sunlight ) kaya ayan naupo nalang 
We had really a great and enjoying picturan time. Next time ulet! next time lakwatsahan :)


SimpleMomRizza said...

nice post ha :) parang pumayat ka dyan maruh :) i like the slippers too at si bibingclara, pahabain mo na yung hair nya :)

Maruhya said...

thanks! napeke sa picture kaya mukhang pumayat! me isang linggo pa kameng bakasyon kaya sinagad sagad pa din ang pagkain (forget the figure hehehe) likes you yung slippers maganda sila at my friends like it too! tumpak ang sizes tamang tama! si bibingclara naku namana ang buhok ng tatay medyo kulot sa ibaba at kulay brown di namana ang buhok ko na itim na itim. manipis ang buhok nya at madaling pahabain di ko nga pinagugupitan para humaba din :)