Sunday, April 25, 2010

Leek Tart / Tarte aux poireaux

What a miracle! we can use normally our oven now. Nowadays, though i do not bake sweets too much i have a regular routine of making leek tart. Leek tart is always on our weekly menu.I learnt my first leek tart by the grace of a family friend Valerie ( she tought me when we were in Ile de ré last summer '09 ) and she was the one who offered me my first ever rolling pin / rouleau à pâtisserie.

Here's how i do my yummy leeky tart :
You will need 4 long leeks, ( white and green part ) washed, cut into pieces, add little water and cook for 10 mins.
To make the pastry, in a bowl put 200g. flour+100g. butter ( must be cold so you can cut them into cubes )
 water, salt and pepper
Make the dough first, work using the tip of your finger, add water gradually  
 Let the dough rest while making the white sauce
Lay on the baking try ( dont forget to make holes )
To make bechamel sauce / white sauce
1/2 litres milk, 30g. butter, 40g. flour, 100g grated cheese, nutmeg, salt and pepper
In a small casserole, ( medium heat ) melt the butter, add flour, pour in milk gradually ( mix them by using fork at the same time ) then add grated cheese, nutmeg, salt and pepper to taste 
  Now, Mix in the cooked leek together with the bechamel sauce, keep stirring, cook for 5 mins.
Pour the mixture on the pastry 
Oven at 120°C for 45 mins.
Serve with Salad  YUM! :)

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