Monday, April 26, 2010

Nursery Rhymes

My daughter loves music. She can dance easily by turning her head whatever tune she might heard. She has also the mega power of memorizing lyrics from the songs she likes ( french in majority that she had learned from the nursery, tagalog songs that i usually sing when she was still in my belly like ako ay may lobo, bahay kubo, leron leron sinta, sampung mga daliri, maliliit na gagamba, and the one and only english nursery rhymes twinkle, twinkle little stars that she had learn from her Tata Cléo ) As they said, ( as what we observed too.. we, the parents) that she's in advance compare to other children at her same age. At the age of 11 months, she started to walk. Now, she will turn 2 she almost say her phrase completely when talking ( she talks really! yeah! ). We are so proud of her and keep us motivate to give her our 100% support for whatever things she will might need before she will start going school. I talked french with her almost all the time, slight tagalog and a little english. I would like her to be trilingual when she grows up with that she will not have any difficulties to mingle with other people who doesn't speak french. My parents rarely speaks english so i want her to learn the basic tagalog conversation so she can speaks with her lolo and lola.  
What a very nice idea when my Aunt who lives in UK sent us these wonderful story books with Cd's so she can listen some english nursery rhymes while im blogging :)
What a pity! Why i do not buy this book for her when i saw it from the display at SM north-edsa :( We have ABAKADA book that a filipina friend offered for her and she oftenly browse it at home. I remember when we rehearse it, she's so cute! She always has smile on her face everytime she repeats the words with an adorable accent. Here's a little clip of her when singing a song from Red Fish click here.

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