Monday, April 26, 2010

A fine day with my old time Friends

I have not had the chance to make a short tour in Malabon with my daughter Bibingclara because of our busy schedule during our holiday in Philippines. I have met one day my two very best friends from Malabon Josephine and Erosalyn in Tutuban Mall. They're my classmates during elementary ( ero was till high school days ) and now they become my dearly kumare's.
 A photo taken by my sister when she passed by Malabon.
 ( Jose Rizal High School before, now its Arellano University )
I was alone when i met them ( free like a single hehehe ) so i've got the chance to do little shopping and of course to do Betty boop items hunting huh :) We had a long talk, we ate lunch together with lots of laughters and of course we had halo-halo at Icebergs as our ending miryenda. 
I bought a massage oil but first we grabbed the free trial head massage with mareng ero
( Gigi busy taking us some photos )
We are jokingly called ourselves "three little pigs" because lahat kame ay matataba
( good thing kasi walang pikon ) we had a non stop hagikgikan :)
I took a photo in Blumentritt lrt station when i was up waiting the train 
After the fine shopping day with my friends coming back to our hotel gosh! siksikan sa lrt shet! ang init. I was forced to take a jeepney when i dropped off in Monumento because another abusive taxi driver who wants to charge me 250 pesos ( he wont like to put his metro on ) just to bring me going to EDSA
Wag na uy! ( he just simply saw me with lots of heavy loads / shopping bags with me )
I got home safely naman and i did enjoy riding a jeepney lalo na kapag open air. After a few days, my friend gigi comes back to see me at home in Valenzuela. She pampered me by doing facial ( with facial massage pa ) what a pity! because if we have still time ( last met because we leave sooner ) she will gonna give me more of her massage ( a whole body )
Thank's girls! Nothing compares our wonderful time together! Will gonna miss you :) 

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