Monday, April 26, 2010

Shopping at Tutuban Mall

I shopped at Tutuban Mall with my friends. At the budgeted amount of 5,000 pesos ang dame kong nabili. Aside from some Betty boop stuff i bought ( luckily i found some! ) i also bought summer clothes for Claudebiko and Bibingclara, Sleepwear and shoes for me. Before i will just go to shop at Tutuban when i tend to buy a big quantity of toys or panregalo bago mag pasko. Nothing has changed! it was like always christmas season because of the huge shoppers everywhere. Each merchants has been busy transacting with their customers. I was also busy looking every little thing that they're selling. Nakakalibang at nakakatuwa talaga dahil pede pang tumawad. We went to 168 Mall too where i find my betty boop travelling bag.
                                         the price is 350 pesos but i've got it for 300
                                         Betty Boop keychain 60 pesos / 1 euro
                                      Betty boop socks for mobile 30 pesos / 0,50 centimes
The bag can be folded into small, waterproof and can be as big as the photo above. It's very useful to put clothes when travelling for a weekend. Beside is the same type of bag and above on it is a diaper bag with the same motif ( a gift from kumareng Annie ). We used those bags already when we're off for a weekend :)

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