Monday, April 26, 2010

In the name of Apples

Last week, i've been so crazy about apples. I stayed in the supermarket for hours just to buy sort of apples. I spent my time by looking attentively on each tag before i weight them. I said to myself im going to buy 12 kinds of apples but i ended up buying ten. An apple a day keeps the doctor away! a lot of benefits we can get from eating apples its a good source of vitamine c ( good too when on a diet ) we can eat it everyday :)
Tentation/Temptation,Pink lady,Ariane,Gala,Fuji,Granny,Braeburn,Rouge/Red,Boskoop,Golden

The more expensive is Temptation and Pink lady they're more juicy and crunchy. The least expensive is the Golden apple. An apple can usually use when making tarts or apple cakes. I played with the apples by making pyramid but i haven't success to put the last one on top because they will all fall down hehehe
I get so thirst after! I ended up drinking with a glass of apple juice :) Ahhh

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claude-maruh-clara said...

c'est mignon, je t'aime ma femme ko to.