Thursday, April 22, 2010


Tiramisu is an italian dessert. The easiest way of tiramisu i have ever made was layering biscuits, cream and finishing on top with canned mix fruits. Now, that i have learned different ways of making tiramisu, i can make one from scratch.
250g. Mascarpone
20 cl. liquide cream
1 pack lady fingers ( about 15 pcs. )
1/2 white sugar
cacao powder ( toppings )
rhum ( optional )
You will need :
*mixing bowl, wire whisk, cocktail glass or clear recipient in any shape

Make a strong coffee, mix about 1 tsp. of cacao powder
In a bowl, mix mascarpone+sugar+liquide cream
Dip lady fingers in the coffee mixture+ place them in the recipient
Spread the cream mixture on top
Repeat with another layer of lady fingers+spread the remaining cream mixture
Sift the cacao powder over the top 
Fridge the tiramisu for about an hour
I ate mine without cooling ( di makapag antay hehehe )
The last time i made a big batch of Tiramisu i opted not to put rhum because of Bibingclara and the last time i made it i decorated it with chocolate morsels on top.


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