Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Foire aux vins / Wine fair

In every groceries and wine seller boutiques like nicolas you can see their displays/catalogues with wide selection of wine wherein you can find some good quality/best buys wines. In some store, wine fair will end till 8 of October :)
It's not a matter of price, sometimes you can get a budget friendly but good quality one. I dont know much about wine, in which one is best with cheese, meat or anything that you can mariage with :(
When we're at one friend's house two years ago, i had the chance to visit down their wine cellar wow! i was amazed by the number of wines they have ang dami!
                                            drinking session occasionally with friends cheers! :)
In buying wines, i let Claudebiko to choose for our table wine. He's not an expert but he know's which one is good but not expensive. We're not into red wines but usually if he'll buy some, he will surely get wines from bordeaux. In Philippines, we off from drinking wine for almost a month ( beer lang sya ng beer ) i missed to let  him taste our famous wine lambanog ( nakalimutan ko ) instead i just bought a bottle of sangria to bring home with us ( me clara kasi sa bote hehehe )
maria clara sangria ang inumin ng mga maria 
I rarely buy wines but because of our italian week menu influence, napabili ako ng mga italian marks na wine. I just picked them up with the miney-minie-moh technique :)
cabernet sauvignon (red)
toscana (white)
boscato (white)
Haven't buy rosé wine, doesn't know what to choose between dry or fruity flavors :(

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