Thursday, July 29, 2010

Italian week

To save myself from cooking, i used to prepare non cook meals. For the last few weeks, aside from eating out in italian restaurant i also prepared italian meals or i can say italian week for us :)
We're so in love by tomatoes nowadays, love eating them in this warm weather. Easy to prepare! cut them into pieces showered with little virgin olive oil, seasoned with salt and pepper hop! à table!
                                       tomate cerises -cherry tomato with mini balls mozzarella
Pasta is everyday meal for Bibingclara. Just put a little butter and loads of grated cheese on top! hop! à table!
When katamaran sickness is always on me, quick food shopping all ready!
ready made pizza dough, sauce in can, mozzarella, and assorted ham ( fresh ham,rossetta,smoked bacon ) small onion hop! au four! - in the oven! :)
                                        spread the sauce on the pizza dough
                                         arrange assorted hams, grate mozzarella
decorate with green/black olives in the middle
No mess! less effort! Kain na!!! :)


SimpleMomRizza said...

Maruh, ang sarap naman, daming cheese!

Maruhya said...

yeap, ma cheesy kame talaga. lalo na't pag pizza halos inuubos ko at nilalagay lahat ang isang buong mozzarella. gustong gusto ni Claudebiko at Bibingclara :)

joyce said...

nagutom ako Maruh! =))

Maruhya said...

thanks joyce thanks for visiting! nagutom ka ba? next time when i'll make pizza again i will give you some hehehe :)