Friday, July 30, 2010


Fruits are good for the body and according to mangerbouger - (toeat tomove) eat at least 5 fruits or vegetables a day. At home, i always make sure na we always have fruits mapa fresh, in yoghurts or fruit smoothie man. I am not into fruits na masyadong kumplikado kainin i also hate eating fruits na masyadong mabuto (tamad din magbalat hehehe ) for me, eating banana and apples are all the time  :)
                                      banana, apples and pears ( super favorite ni Bibingclara )
                           when it season, i used to buy figues ( i love the taste of this fruit )
yellow melon (are always expensive and suntok sa buwan if they're ripe ) and kiwis ( Claudebiko forces himself to eat kiwi everyday )
grapes ( in french they call it raisins) it reminds me of my pamangkin paolo he loves seedless grapes they're season and best in mid of september-october
                                           apricots ( -des abricots my mom in law's favorite )
Now, a good season to eat fruits they're everywhere in the supermarket. We have to enjoy all summer fruit in season. More fruits to come! more fruits to enjoy! what about you? what's your favorite fruit? :)

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