Friday, July 30, 2010

Siopao wow

I love eating siopao specially when i was pregnant. I love them eating in the morning! at hindi lang isa kundi dalawa pa hehehe my husband finds me strange mostly when i eat them in the morning. Before, he can understand how pregnant womens craves for something but now, he can easily say " gourmandise" KATAKAWAN! hehehe Good thing, because when i crave for siopao i can easily buy them in asian store.
                                      4 pcs in a pack ( pork laqué - asado flavor )
                                        brioche à la vapeur - white brioche steamed buns
                                Now, dalawa na kame ni Bibingclara na taga kain :)
Siopao wow talaga! If only i have a big space in the kitchen ( a good steamer too ) i would love to try to make my own siopao at home. Next time will buy the bola-bola one :)

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