Monday, July 5, 2010

Buffalo grill

A super sunny week had past last week, unconfortably night sleeps, thrice cold shower a day, windows wide-opened everywhere, and craved for watery fruits. Last thursday i really felt not in the mood to be in the kitchen to cook food ( puro nalang reheat ng left-overs thanks! microwave hehe ). Good thing that Bibingclara can eat ham over and over again basta partneran lang ng rice o mashed po solve na sya :). Claudebiko sent me sms while he's still at work and he proposed us to eat out for dinner ( medyo malaki ang pay ngayong buwan hehe ). I jumped! jumped! and jumped again sa tuwa yipeee ( day-off ni inday ). We doesn't wanted to be far and wanted to eat out along our area so when he asked me where ( i had fries and steak in my head ) i said Buffalo grill.
I remember that buffalo grill was the first restaurant where Claudebiko droves me when i was searching for a mashed potatoe with gravy sauce on top ( a la kfc ). They were actually serving different sauces for steaks ( pepper - similar to gravy so pede na rin , bbq sauce - sweet or roquefort - a kind of cheese has strong odor and taste )
We ordered first to freshen us up a glass of mojito for me, ( it was ok but the mint leaves inside wasn't fresh it was like "lanta" at mukhang hindi hinugasan ) pina colada for Claudebiko.
As a starter, we ordered a plate of vegetables chips, vegetable sticks, tomato and mozzarella ( nakalimutan ang dipping sauce ) and beef carpaccio. So while waiting, we started our complimentary salad ( they gave us 4 serving ). Claudebiko satisfied with his big steak as his full meal but i was not satisfied with mine at all ( i had texane plate - bbq ribs ( kulang sa lasa ) baked potatoes ( so hard ) buffalo wings ( love it!) and chili con carne ( so alat ) ). I made chili con carne last two days and i can say that mine is better hehehe :)
The biggest deception was the kiddie meal. We ordered burger steak ( overcook ) with fries for Bibingclara. She had not eaten her burger steak but she enjoyed eating her fries dipping in a glass of water ( her kuya léo dipping his fries in a coca cola drink ) well, me pinagmanahan ( i dipped my mcdo fries in my sundae ice cream ) my little french fries preferred eating her fries that way. We had american donut with chocolate sauce and ice cream on top as our dessert and that's the only thing i enjoyed. I wouldn't like to come back again to buffalo grill ( i forgot to mention that they served an expired yoghurt drink to Bibingclara's kiddie meal ) if i only knew earlier i will really complain about it.


SimpleMomRizza said...

Sarap ng salad Maruh :) mas malaki ang braso ko sa iyo friend ;) hehehe....

Maruhya said...

yep riz tas yung sauce nung salad very light lang naubos namin ni claudebiko dahil di naman kinain ni Bibingclara nilaro lang :) yun nga ang prob ko eh braso,tiyan at hita huhuhu :(