Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Malunggay update

Claudebiko installed fences in our balcony to avoid our kitten crossing to our neighbor next door. We are living on the 5th floor and we wanted to make sure that our Mia is secure from falling. We have a long balcony on the left side we put our 2 barbeque grills and we stocked all bulky toys of Bibingclara, and on the right side, we put all clay pots and all things for gardening. I put my malunggay i planted before as well on the side very near at the side of the window facing our room.
                                                My dried branch of malunggay
I already notice that there are some plants growing with it in the same pot but i ignored instead i just put water each two days or maybe kapag naalala lang until one day...
The pot has actually cracked on the side and an odd plant with flowers had grown from there ( ang bilis tumubo promise ) I do not have any idea which type of plant it was ( tinapon ko ) I like the flowers but i mind more of my malunggay. I know, there will be no more chance for my malunggay i am very sorry for myself ( with matching simangot pa ) and sorry to manang who gave me this. I am trying if i can still make my malunggay survive, i put the branch with lot's of water on it ( without soil ) turo kaya ni Claudebiko. I am not good into plants :( i am not like my father kahit na anong iuwing halaman maging puno man ay tumutubo pag sya ang nagtatanim. Well, that's life! calling Gardener... gardenerrrrr !!!!! o farmville player??? :)


SimpleMomRizza said...

Dito sa atin Maruh madali lang tumubo yan, hehehe baka naninibago sa klima :)

Maruhya said...

siguro nga! di na tuloy ako makakaluto ng munggo :(