Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sweet potatoes / des patate douces

I bought sweet potatoes in the open market 2 weeks ago. They were kamote that came from brazil. I had in my mind to make them as kamote fries or to put them into ginataang halo-halo. Because of my lazyness at ang planong magluto na laging na po postpone, nakapag experiment  ako ng walang ka effort-effort hehehe :)
                                       Ang aking kamote na nangamote
                                       Ang cu-cute ng aking mga kamote-cute!
I am thinking, pede kayang kainin ang talbos nito? ( takaw! mmm..with matching bagoong isda ) Claudebiko suggested na its better to plant them in a large pot so they will multiply like what we did last time when we planted potatoes in our balcony :)

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