Sunday, June 13, 2010

Beef rendang

Big break from blogging! AGAIN??? well, i have been so very busy and can't able to do blogging. After our garage sale, we've been off for a weekend to join my sister in law who came from a tour ( europe tour with her adults/young students ). I am still on a diet and actually lost 3 kilos during the weeks of dieting but i regained what i had lost :). I love eating and i can't get off from the yummy dishes i cooked at home. Since i would have like to keep away from eating rice ( i loved rice too much) and trying to eat less quantity, i opted to eat Beef rendang with Couscous.
Claudebiko and I loved eating rendang. This dish is our all time favorite and i include it all the time in our weekly meal plan. Next time, i will try to make a big batch and more spicy. No problem storing it in the fridge for days as i agree that rendang is more good when its eaten days after :)

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