Monday, May 31, 2010

Garage sale

Inspite of the not so friendly weather yesterday, we successfully installed our things to be sell in garage sale. This was actually our 4x's garage sale ( only twice per year is allowed ) occupying 4 metres stand ( no tent, we just had big blue plastics to cover our things in case of rainshower ) 5 euros per meters so we payed 20 euros. Big work, big preparation, and wide effort! Bibingclara woke up around 7am, she gets so excited! We have to be in our place to prepare our things at 8am because after 9am there will be no car/truck allowed to pass by on the area where the garage sale is located.
My customer bought an old dress of Bibingclara ( for her apo maybe) hindi sya nag ba bargain ( di barat si madam hehehe ) and i was impatient ( waiting ) to get the coin from her hehehe :)

We sell things not so bad, we disposed and let the things away that we'll not needed anymore like some of my shoes, bulky / fragile items, things from Claudebiko's mother when we had to empty the garage / apartment that they're occupying before. Bye bye Baby cook at babush na rin ang mga little clothes ng aking Unica hija. It's not a professional work hehehe like what they do in the second hand market of antiquity, but we sell some things that had value ( given away for a cheap price ) garage sale is garage sale! to find and get items for a cheap / affordable price. We just only do it for pleasure ( kahit na si Claudebiko ay stressed na stressed ) well, not bad we accumulated over 150 euros minus the fee we paid and those things that we had purchased from the neighbors ( laruan at mga books ni Bibingclara, Betty boop! syepre, at mga saya pants na pambahay para ke Claudebiko, kape na binili from the association at salted cake na di masarap as in! )
Bibingclara walking / observing kung ano pa ba ang kulang .She must tell " Mama, ano ba yan ang kalat di kaakit-akit ang display! "

It was still early that time and i was still busy till the end sorting out the things to be sell while Claudebiko and Bibingclara had their little tour around ( there's a little park on the side ). In front, there's a little booth of Sergio bossi salon where they give free hairstyle for the children ( giving away free sample of loréal shampoo and flyers as well ) On their side, there was a free face painting. It was a long tiring day! kase when we get home i had to prepare sautéd ground beef with carrots and peas for our dinner ( too tired to dine out specially Bibingclara ) but it has been sulit day for me naman kasi Claudebiko's found Betty boop figurine ( original version 2002 ) so pagtapos on bed time huh knock-out kame talaga !!! :)


mavic said...

so touching sis.....yeah your ryt wala ng hihigit pa sa saya ng isang ina pag nakikita at kapiling nya ang kanyang anak..... heheh.... kaya just keep it up.... tuloy lang ang pagiging SUPERWOMAN........mwaaaaah...

Maruhya said...

Superwoman nga sis eh like you! pero alam ko wonder bra este hehehe Wonderwoman ka eh di ba?? hehehehe joke!