Friday, May 28, 2010

Ready or not?

Yeah, i know! i have to off from blogging for a while. I have much of things to start with. Time is so fast! In two days, we will gonna have our garage sale. Participating in a garage sale is not so simple and it needs an advance preparation ( thanks god! we'll gonna have a truck from Claudebiko's work ) I already prepared the things that im gonna bring, a part! yes, only a part of it because i am not still done! We still have plenty of things to pull out from the basement. Big work for Claudebiko! Dont worry bé, i will give you a back massage hehehe :)
 Vide-grenier - Garage sale

Garage sale will be on Sunday, May 30 ( mother's day too ) starts at 9am-6pm. They will gonna have a little spectacle ( from the association ) at the same time. The things to be dispose in garage sale will be assorted clothes, shoes, toys, household items etc. and  all unwanted items will be donated to

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