Thursday, April 15, 2010

Weekend in Ile de Ré

Long weekend for us, Friday- Claudebiko's took his off til monday. Monday- Bibingclara's no crêche day because it was closed due to an educational work. Me- no worries i can be available all the time yipeeee
                                                     On our way to visit lola
After visiting my mother in law in the home for the aged, we headed our way to the doctor for Bibingclara check up ( we get so worried ) It was the first day of appearance of red spots around her body ( Eczema ) so we took an appointment in advance to make sure that she will be ok. She begins to scratch everywhere non-stop! Uncomfortable during the travel.
Buti nalang! She was ok when we were discussing with the doctor. She played alone and get so busy
She was playing too when we were in the Pharmacie to get her medicine while Claudebiko's talking to the Pharmacist. Hoping for a better recovery of itchiness, redness, soreness of Bibingclara's skin and lastly, sunny and agreable time next day! Huh, what a tiring and stressing Friday! :)

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