Thursday, April 15, 2010

Instant Meal

Last week i have been very so lazy to cook meals and with our strange weather here (ang lamig pa din! grr) i  crave for something warm. The solution? Instant Noodles
                                           3 Cup noodles ( Crab, Prawn and Seafoods flavors )
I ate crab flavor as my lunch ( im only one at home ). I bought cup noodles from chinese store, usually the local cup noodles Lucky me ( La paz batchoy, Sotanghon, Beef, Chicken flavor ) is ok and one of Bibingclara's favorite when we were in Philippines kaso we have no more stock at home. i have to buy and get more stock next time from Fil/Chinese store Amasia.
At night naman for dinner, I just bought stewing beef to make Rendang. I have no ingredients to make paste for a real Rendang so i only used ready made paste that i bought from the mall in Philippines. I only added diluted coconut powder then put them all together in a casserole and waited the meat to be tender then ok na. Well, masarap naman pero di kasing sarap if i make my own paste. Napilitan lang ata si Claudebikong kumain that night hehehe Ang tamad talaga noh? 

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