Thursday, April 15, 2010

Betty Boop Figurine No. 8

If you like Betty Boop Figurine No. 7, then you will like most the no. 8 Cow girl
Betty Boop Figurine No. 8 ( Cow Girl )
This is actually my favorite figurine so far, because it was made so perfectly clearly no retouch! ang linis! ang kinis! at ang ganda ganda 
I have got it for the same price 8.99 euros. I regretted not to subscribe from the beginning because with the subscription i can have little discounts and they give some freebies but anyway, its too late! As Claudebiko's line "for my wife's betty boop there is no price" naks!! hehehe  i am looking forward for my next betty boop figurine No. 9 ( Stewardess ) Can't wait!!! :)

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