Friday, April 16, 2010


Each time we visit our Fil-Chinese friend Annie, she always treat us to a shabu-shabu restaurant. The last time we were in Philippines after visiting her at her jewelry shop in Binondo, we go straight directly to her house to have shabu -shabu at home. To see a little video during chinese new year/dragon dance in her shop click here
It was our first time to be in her house so we made a little tour first and took some photos
We met also her mother and some of her home assistants, she has a very nice simple and well decorated house.
 Getting ready for a shabu-shabu. Plenty of yummy things :)
Claudebiko's cannot wait to sit and eat when he saw everything ready on the table :)
Bibingclara's trying to help but she gets more into batang pasaway!
We are having funny talks while Annie's putting some chili paste
Annies brother Jude, her sons Wesley and Winston 
It was a great, deliciously Shabu-Shabu time with Annie's family that night. We enjoyed too much! Thanks for the warm hospitality Annie! I might say Mareng Annie :) We love you!!! Then, we ended our dinner with an Ube and Vanilla Nestle Ice Cream that she ordered outside hmm... Yum!!!

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