Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Citrus fruits / les agrumes

One day morning, i didn't exactly know what's happening to me and i am searching for something na "maasim" I checked out our fridge, we have no fresh green mango (though we have a dried one). We have fresh green lemon (but it for Claudebiko's cocktail at night) and we have one bag of fresh yellow lemon (usually for my sawsawan and for cakes) well napagdiskitahan ang mga little lemonies ko bago pa sila mag expired and the result was a sourly breaky
                                 Lemon juice, Green tea with lemons and Lemon marmalade

I had a cup of lemon tea, a glass of lemon juice and some spread of lemon marmalade on my french bread. I like the combination of sourness and sweetness of the marmalade i can eat it kahit na walang tinapay. Dont think na i am preggy! o naglilihi  nope! hehehe buti nalang kahit na naging maasim ang almusal ko di naman naging sour ang araw ko :)

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