Monday, March 29, 2010

Yoghurt / les yaourts

We habitually eat yoghurt everyday and more because of Bibingclara. Its a healthy alternative when we do not eat fresh fruit. I love yoghurts of Andechser because of their Blueberry flavor. I often buy yoghurts at B&B boutique where i usually buy yoghurt drinks and organic tea.
Natural yoghurt with nuts, banana split and apricot
Straciella and Blueberry flavors
2.44 euros per bottle 500g

These yummy mild yoghurts are more cheaper than the yoghurts in a small pots that they are selling by dozen in the supermarket. 

Black currant/Cranberry flavor and Apple/Grenade flavor

These yoghurt flavors costs more and they were made of Soya milk. Those healthy Sojade served as my "Taho" in the morning. They were all good and will keep coming back to buy and try new flavors :)

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