Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Egg hunting, April fool's day and all chocolates: 2013 and 2014

Oh my goodness! it really seems like i abandon my blog! i haven't been posting since we came back from vacation but wait i have a quick post from yesterday's "Lundi de Pâques" ( Easter ) and some more pictures to share from last year's easter season.
egg hunting organized by the association in our neighborhood and it was held on the 1st April 2013
chocolate eggs ... from daughter's school
and some offered by friends..
want some? pick your choice and get a surprise!
Bibingclara's coloriage posted inside bakery in our neighborhood
Fish be with u ---- Our fish of the day on April fool's day
Bibingclara's first egg hunt
her bonnet's full of colorful eggs
reward -- chocolate!
and more chocolates!
Easter Sunday - what a great fun dying easter eggs, good thing i found white eggs in the grocery normally we only have brown eggs in most supermarket. I bought six pieces to give a try. The idea got from the internet.
 she was really excited ...
 funny creme de chantilly - whipped cream  ha ha ha!
 we have no food coloring in powder so we use liquid ones and i let Bibingclara dropping
 wish it would work... patience, patience
voilà! hmm... next time will make it more colorful we haven't soaked enough our eggs that's why the result becomes like that. Next time, more whipped cream and we will make dark colors.I actually planned to eat the eggs one per day hehehe
The next day, we make our own Easter chocolates.
 she got so much excited to make chocolate candies
 the chocolate molds purchased long time ago
 we just melted black chocolate, we didn't put any filling
 taste test
 chocolates are ready!
Yesterday afternoon, Bibingclara participated in the most awaited yearly egg hunting of course, organized by notre quartier 13.
 i followed Bibingclara while she was chasing up eggs
 i saw yellow one!
 and she picked up...
 her small hand bag full of eggs
 her fav color! green
 time to fill the box
 the egg hunters
 lining up for the reward
they all got lapin en chocolat :)
Until next year's, Easter chocolate madness (",)

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