Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Valentine's day 2014 and Valentine's party

I didn't expect i have little something from Claudebiko on valentine's day. Last year valentine's day, i've got a card and heart- shaped egg ring ( silicon ). This time i have got a heart-shaped chocolate and red color warmer socks. We loved the chocolate he gave me ( black chocolate, our fav! ) of course, of course i shared hehehe and in fact, it's all gone. But, before it's gone, i took photos, photos to be shared with yah all.
 i love the packaging
 see it's personalized " mahal na mahal kita" means i love you very much
 chocolate from Jeff de Bruges
 special dinner i prepared lol heart-shaped pizza with chorizo
On valentine's day, i also baked cookies, les sablés with valentine's theme. I brought them to the valentine's party for a friend of a friend's association in Paris.
 what a shame! the eiffel tower doesn't appeared well when the sablé cooks
 practice makes perfect so i better luck next time
 some of my valentine's cookies
 cooling down.. i made them fix with royal icing and some sugared candies but i forgot to take photos
 now, the valentine's party saturday night
  a souvenir photo with friends
the magic 7 hehehe
some of our friends dance but me and my kumare, " nagbutas ng upuan" --- we made hole on our sits
We didn't dance, my reason masakit ang paa ko bago yung boots mura lang kasi kaya masakit sa paa hehehe ang my kumare's reason " mamaya nalang " medyo shy type. I had fun kahit na isang empanada at coke in can lang ang nilaman ng tiyan ko that night. Diet, diet pa me time hehehe

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