Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February bday celebrant 2013 and 2014

Oo nga it has been a year again! these photos were uploaded since long time but without any text kaya naman, when i got a chance to review it, i post it right away at me bonus dahil doble pa. i think magiging madalas ang pagpo-post ko ng mga entry mula nung last year pa. Patawad talaga (",) (",) (",) unahin na nating ang february celebrator ang bunsong anak ni Mama Pat :)
mabubusog kayo sa pagtingin ng mga yummy foods na inihahain ng mga mama-mamahan namin tulad nalang nitong fresh lumpia
roasted pork
the eaters
food on the table na i cant enumerate dahil busy na rin akong kumakain
kutchinta kayo dyan
at ang homemade squash bread ni Mama Pat
Happy Birthday!!!
my plate of desserts
caught in the act ... eating her favorite brazo des mercedes de Mama Ghud's so good talaga
Last sunday, we had been invited to the real date of Mama pat's daughter we were 20 persons just imagine a long table kudo's to mama pat's courage for her food prepping and the table setting was superb!
plates has name tags
 i love this stuffed courgette
 chicken dish filled with noix de cajoux -- i just took few photos of the food in fact, there were other dishes i missed picturing
 moi and the sister's ( our two momma's )
 cake blowing can't count the candles???
assorted chocolates! Bibinclara feasted on this
our simple gift to the birthday celebrant --- assorted bangles bought from sunday market
Next post, another birthday celebrator of february :)

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