Monday, September 30, 2013

Yesterday's Bday Celebration

We went to a birthday party yesterday of our another mami-mamihan. It was Mama Pat's 65th birthday ( Mama Ghud's sister ). I actually forgot the date when she invited me i know it's my fault coz i didn't noted on our Agenda right away. Buti nalang nakahabol because that morning i also participated pa in a garage sale in our neighborhood ika nga huli man din daw ay makakahabol din :)
the birthday girl with me, look her pambahay duster iyan ang regalo ko sa kanya bought from the open market sa african lady na nagtitinda good coz Mama Pat's like it very much as a proof talagang sinuot pa nya
 and with my girlfriends na talagang nagtipon-tipon ang tagal hindi nagkita-kita after summer vacation
 nagkagulo sa kusina with my Bibingclara
 Mama Ghud's in the act of cutting lechon sa oven hehehe Mareng Ethel making her "grimace"
 ang the beauty queens... wag lang sukatin ang beywang hahaha
 Eating timeeeee
 diet! juste deux crevettes ( two gambas ) cooked on the plancha just for the photo in reality puro puto ang inupakan ng aking anak :)
 desserts = panda gelatin, brazo de mercedes, banana walnut cake ( yes i made it ), white and black chocolate jelly, maja and chocolate cake
look my plate! colorful noh?
What a good moment spending with friends yesterday! busog Get together baga :) as usual!

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