Saturday, April 13, 2013

Betty on the spot

When i borrow one luggage from a friend and when we opened it, we discovered one big betty boop sticker inside. Betty boop sticker seems like saying "pls get me now, bring me to travel with you!" it's just my imagination? nope! not only imagination, coz this betty sticker was really for me. Yap, true! my friend wanting giving me this since long time. As in long, long time! I understand she's so forgetful peace mare!    
i bought the betty sticker with me, of course ( palalagpasin ba kita? )
This one is another story, when i was in a hunt for luggages tags in the neighborhood, i saw betty boop mug on the table. This was inside the real estate agency office. Obviously, it was closed but nothing can stop me to take photo from outside. Clear glass window and thank you zoom! ;)
betty mug seems like calling me " help! take me out of here and let's have coffee break!"
Those are the betty boops i spotted, month of February (",)))))

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