Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Princesse's world

One sunday, we went to a birthday of a girl who turned 12. As a ritual, i made a cake for the celebration oh no not a cake, a biscuit base + chocolate +marshmallows = S'mores :) yep, it was my first attempt of making S'mores. How about the taste? --- for sure it tastes good!
 we didn't had the chance to taste the S'mores as i, personally get hooked on the cupcakes
my daughter who love to dress like a princess --- dream come true!
 the birthday celebrant was surrounded by little princesse's
 by chance, we met some familiar faces, the friend's of friends (",)
 my Bibingclara enjoying the moments of being a princess ohh look at the cake, so pretty!
 the photo addicts
 yeah, i had two cupcakes
the tired princesses
They had games! Bibingclara had won the trip to jerusalem game. She also got lots of candies from the Pinata.

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