Sunday, February 17, 2013

Our funny valentine

We didn't celebrate valentine's day last thursday, no special meal and no baked goodies. Just like last year, to my surprise, i have got a valentine card from our boite aux lettres ( mailbox ). That's why hubby insisting me to check the mail which i don't usually do. He posted one for me :)
 i like the simplicity of the card - 10 points for Claudebiko
 he also gave me a heart-shaped egg ring (yes, we had egg for dinner ;)) Claudebiko offered a mini recipe book for Bibingclara. Who said that valentines is only for couples? Bibingclara got a cute little package from her classmate.
with lot's of bonbons ( candies ) inside (",)
of course, i also offered two little naughty things to my Claudebiko and Bibingclara but i preffered not to post it here hehehe i will just keep the story behind in me. Hope you folks had a great, romantic or maybe a funny valentine's day like me ;)

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