Monday, December 10, 2012

Will off to see the Snow

In few days, we will go and see the mountain to spend christmas holiday. Holiday on ice! It will be my first time. We are so excited and can't wait! The other day, it snowed here, but just only few how i wish, we could have a big snow in Paris once again. Since it's my first time, we have to prepare and buy our ski garments in advance. We know for a fact, buying all those stuff for ski will break our arm even leg hahaha ( lalong di makakapag-ski ) coz they are too expensive. Isn't? Good thing i have one friend who already went on ski and kindly lend me her ski pants and snow boots :)
 we already bought gloves and socks for the family
and ski jacket pour la petite :)
Till now i still haven't find ski jacket for me. I have been already in two different shops ( Decathlon and Gosport ). Poor me, each time i try one, i find myself like mascot of Michelin on me. Hahaha Anyway, i am still looking forward to get one before we leave i hope i will get a good one yung hindi ako papasukan ng lamig :)

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