Monday, December 10, 2012

Puff pastry : Pâte à Choux

This morning i made a cake from scratch. The cake i baked is for my nephew who's celebrating his birthday today. While writing an entry to post, i remember the puff partry ongoing post that i already forgotten since long time. I saw plenty of recipes of Puff pastry nowadays not only sugared but salted version one as well. This Puff is on my list to try. Of course, i will try doing it again but not using the ready made mixtures as you see on the photo below when i did on my first try :)
this is a mixture for the filling
and for the puff pastry
what i remember is i just added water for the mixture and milk for the filling
oven... and hop!
not so beautiful puff's
cut into halves and put a teaspoon of creme filling
voila instant puff pastry
they were like "tinapay na pinalamanan"
For the next making, i will follow the recipe of Puff's surprise from hachette. A more enticing version for the children and one with a festive look :)

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