Monday, September 24, 2012

Tomato days

When we arrived from vacation, our tomato plants from the balcony were dead. Dried! Imagine without watering for 3 weeks ohh poor, poor tomatoes ;(
tomato plant no. 1
tomato plant no. 2
tomato plant no. 3
We picked some of them which still good except from the other ones which has cracked already. We eated some while picking. They're still edible. Really, we find them good. Our own little tomatoes from Rue Pierre Gourdault ( our address )
my daughter had a real fun counting how many little tomatoes we get ( good timing because those tomatoes served us for dinner as we had nothing in our empty fridge )
In fact, during our vacation, we also ate countless tomatoes. Why? it's practical to eat, no cooking, they're good and cheap hehehe :)
eating them fresh with or without sea salt ( from Ile de Ré ) is fine :)
we feasted on tomatoes! we usually brought them from direct producers from there
It's the end of our tomato days, the end of tomato crazyness. The photo's below showing our last tomato that has been bought from the vegetable stand.
bite test while photo shooting
its big tomato Mama isn't :)
Strange me, i like tomatoes in any shape except when it's in juice ( beurk ) tomato juice? no thank you, i cannot drink it at all :)


Elizabeth @Mango_Queen said...

Those tomatoes look simply amazing even if they're fresh. Thanks for the blog-visit!

Maruhya said...

Thanks for dropping by as well Elizabeth@Mango_Queen! i really love your blog can't wait to cook filipino style sphagetti from yours for my daughter :)and your embutido too .. they're on my list :)))