Friday, June 29, 2012

Iphone - the new generation

I am not truly fan of iphone's but i want to give credit to the magnifique inventions of Steve Jobs. Hubby passed on to me his old iphone ( yeah the oldest one ) which now i started enjoying using. Before, i don't like the soft touch thing, i'm much more of using my fingers typing on a keypad on a normal phone as in "madiin talaga" but now sanayan lang pala. I am a person who just love texting instead of calling ( nagtitipid hehehe ) that's why i chose the lowest subscription with just only 60 minutes call well, not bad. I do still love my nokia phone but it's no more practical for me usually when i tweeting or sending MMS. Claudebiko had Iphone4s month's ago and we discovered that sending sms between us thru imessage ( or to another person who also has an iphone ) is free so mas malaki ang matitipid ko but unfortunately i have the oldest model so i cannot be able to apply it for myself. Well, maybe that's a call for a new upgrade iphone?
Iphone 4s white
I also love the new ipad ang ganda ng quality lalo na yung camera. Bibingclara use a lot of it usually after school or during week-ends. Ang aga kaya nyang nagigising though walang pasok sa school. Wi-fi is almost everywhere ( exagg ) yeah even in the metro station. We had fun testing it when Claudebiko and Bibingclara were in the park. Using hubby's phone, we tried "facetime". Good quality! i saw my daughter playing even heard the noise of "nagwe-welga" from there.
facetime with Bibingclara
skype with Claudebiko
We also switching using skype when facetime is not working well. Once, we tried while Claudebiko was driving his way to work. In using iphone and ipad, Claudebiko can be able to help his friend in USA on troubleshooting. Fun and it cost nothing. Genial! Love affair with apples now :)

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