Sunday, May 27, 2012

Talented fingers

Come on, let's have a drink! i get impressed with what my friend does with her champagne cork. She can create chairs and table using the capsules. I interviewed her she said, she do forming them by pressing it hard using fingers ( i get curious to know kung hindi sya nasusugatan kasi matalim ito lalo na yung tansan ). She answered, ok lang hindi naman daw but making each one of them takes a lot of time. Past time nya yan kapag wala syang ginagawa :)
made by my friend Clé ( sorry for the photo not enough light )
Since it's her past time and since she has talented fingers abay, i collected all my "bouchon de champagne" and gave to her sabi ko gawan mo ko nyan. Gusto ko nyan hehehe. That's her craft, my friends handmade or we say " fait à la main ". Dito kino-collect yan lalo na yung tansan ng mamahalin at matandang champagne :) cheers!

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