Sunday, May 27, 2012


Speaking of tansan ( bottle cap ) in my recent post, ngayon naman ay lata yes you read it well. I bought five pairs of lata hikaw in one of the indian store in camden town market. I thought of my friends when i bought it. All of us are kikay girls na mahilig mag-hikaw. No second thought! i buy them. They were on sale for less than a penny so i bought each one of the color.
cutie dangling earrings
I am just hoping na hindi sila masugatan ( ang pisngi ) pag sinuot or else i will feel guilty hehehe kasi when i removed the plastic, that's the only time i noticed na some of the earrings has chips ( konti lang naman ) usually yung mga square. Sana pala yung pinili ko nalang lahat ay bilog :( hmm... i regret ) well, lesson learned. Next time when will be buying sale items i must inspect first very well.

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