Tuesday, May 8, 2012

London tour

Day 1 thursday - We just walked around the neighborhood. Visiting shops, little boutiques etc...we stayed in South London
Day 2 friday - We took the bus going to the tourist spots like
love the color of London bus, "RED" my favorite color
Big Ben 
London Aquarium
London Eye
After London Eye, I get a ride to Carrousel with Bibingclara ( super bilis and super mahal hellow! one ride is 2 pounds so we paid 4 pounds for two heads ) ang Carrousel nila walang tao kame lang exclusively para sameng mag-ina hehehe namamahalan ata ang mga tourist kaya walang sumasakay. After mahilo sa carrousel, we just walked around and crossed the bridge to get into the other side of the street. Here are some photos we shoot while having a long walk
front wall with street art graffiti it's for JIM ( Claudebiko's best friend in USA )
bicycle like in Paris anyone?
a little park or a public little garden
Sightseeing tour bus
a closer photo of Big ben
a last shot of Westminster from the bridge
Day 3 saturday - Camden town market
See KFC on the side? it's there we had our lunch after market tour
raining as u can see Uk flag theme umbrella. Tattoo anyone? Ouch!!
After Camden market, i wanted to go shopping at Westfield shopping center and meaning to pass by at the Music room Mayfair as they have a designer's sale DSUK ( only two days, April 27 and 28 ). Unfortunately, because of lack of time i haven't been there ( j'ai raté - i missed it ). Instead, i just shopped in some boutiques in Oxford street. Claudebiko and Bibingclara went home after a little pause in Starbucks Oxford they let me do freely my boutique hopping. Ohh i forgot to mention i also missed to see the saturday market at Portobello Market well, next time next time :)
Day 4 sunday - Visit to a friend's house and a little tour around their village

their favorite and famous pub " The Old Barge " in Hertford
car tour picturing the field before bringing us to the train station
St. Pancras international station
As you can see me araw at medyo makulimlim. Walang araw na di umulan! Raining everyday but at least nakapaglakwatsa ng konti at na-manage ang aming pag-commute mula Tube, National rail interchange at pagsakay ng bus. More of our London photos coming up :)


Cielo said...

nice London tour. I didn't try the london eye dahil takot ako sa heights hehe.You took the big bus tour?

Maruhya said...

No, we didn't took the tour bus kasi nga naulan tapos hihinto tapos uulan ulet kaloka ang weather. Naku pareho kayo ni Claudebiko merong vertigo pero umakyat pa din sya kasi wala syang choice hehehe pero alam mo mabagal lang ang ikot yun nga lang kapag me lula ka baka hindi mo kayanin pero with my hubby it was fine di lang sya tumitingin kapag mataas na talaga :)