Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The foods we ate

Ang unang hirit ng aming pagbisita sa london, "Pagkain". We arrived almost dinner time because our train was late for 1h20. Late because of reason no. 1 there was an accident, reason no. 2 there's a technical problem "daw". They can say whatever they want and that's not good man :) Anyway, back to the food. Our first dinner and last lunch during our stay was the famous fish and chips. The fish is BIG! and an order of it, is actually  enough for 2 or even three people. Well, the first night we were so hungry so i almost finish mine. The second time fish and chips, we just only ordered one and I shared  with Claudebiko and Bibingclara and instead of fries Claudebiko requested mashed potatoe.
Yummy fish and chips
The next day i searched for "tinapay" in the area where we're staying. As we habitually eating baguette for breakfast, ang lola ay naghanap ng baguette. I found some in the grocery but it looks not good so i didn't buy any. They even selling croissants, but i preferred eating the multi-grain loaves that we already had from last night bought by Claudebiko's son. Just because of curiosity, before heading home after the bread hunting, i entered into polish food store. Wala lang naghahanap pa din ng tinapay and guessing maybe i could get cheese too from the said store. I saw cheeses ( yeah mukhang cheese meron looking mozzarella cheese pa nga eh ) on the fresh section shelves. All polish on the packaging without any english translation so i didn't take one and decided not to take the risk. I just only bought 4 pieces assorted bread in a free service corner. Before i pick my choice, i asked the vendor first if the price is the one i saw on the tag, 4 pieces for 1 pound. He said yes. I also asked if its ok to mix my bread with the grain ones ( poppy and sesame ) he again say yes. Well, at the counter when paying the cashier told me that it's 0.35 each and i could only get 4 plain bread for a pound but well i insisted that i already asked somebody ( i think the manager of the store ) and confirmed the price. I'm happy with the bread i've got and i had a smile when i "sortie" the store :)
the bread story ohh they were yummy
Yummy bread tartine with Lurpak butter. We had some left-over bread from breakfast that we also consumed for lunch. We paired it with salad and carbonara which i both prepared.
mix greens with bacon and shredded cheese on top. sauce: olive oil and balsamique vinegar
quick and easy carbonara
We must admit that during the tour we almost dine-out to fast food chains like Mcdo and KFC. We actually didn't had the chance to eat to the restaurant where Claudebiko's son's working. No need to eat out if the chef' is in the house. One night for our dinner the chef cooked stroganoff :)
chicken stroganoff with rice
I demande his recipe and i said to myself that im going to make this when we get home. I will try chicken stroganoff with pasta. Beef stroganoff also in on my next try list.
one dinner i ate ( just me ) beans from Heinz with Omellette and potato scones. It reminds me of my father ( while eating it ) who likes Hunts pork and beans. If he's only with us i guess mauubos naming dalawa yung 1 kilong beans na binili kong frigo pack.
mawawala ba naman ang beer? yeah i had beer myself before meal pero si Claudebiko wine! wine! wine!
One lunch, we had an invitation from a friend who live in North of London and guess what she had prepared for lunch. It's....
Beef Burgundy hmmmm
It was a great lunch! They also served a great wine to pair with our delicious meal ( will post a separate post of our visit here ). I obseved and mamahal ng wine duon pero ang daling buksan di na kelangan ng wine opener promise para lang syang soda drink na nasa botelya. No sweat inom kaagad. If it's not heavy to bring bottles of wine siguro nagdala ako ng sangkaterba.
toast - "à la tienne" or cheersss
after meal, we had espresso. they asked Claudebiko if he wants "cognac" to flavoured his coffee "pantulak kape" but he said no. Me, gusto ko sana pero baka di ako makasakay sa train pauwi hehehe
Ang sarap kumain, i didn't know how much weight i put on again buti nalang wag ko nlang alamin sira ang aming timbangan. Well, ngayon nakauwi na kame back to our kitchen, back to luto and back to normal eating habits.
2 croissants from our local bakery and one "pandesal" look tinapay from M and S
I also bought packs of tinapay from Mark and Spencer natira yan at nauwi ko pa sa paris yung iba ipinartner nameng kainin sa niluto kong pancit sa london. Yes, nagdala ako ng very small bottle of soy sauce at 2 packs of pancit bihon :)
french baguette
Pangarap ko talaga magkaroon ng businees na bakery super type ko ang bread and pastries kelan kaya yun ( dream, dream ) now back to everyday baguette na maharina crunncchhh :)


Cielo said...

ohhh...sarap ng food! I remember eating sa not so posh resto pero super sarap ng soup at lasagna nila (dun ko pinaglihi si leila hahha) the other resto na supe ganda ng interiors walang lasa ang food :-(. Pls share with me the stoganoff recipe. Abdul likes it.

Maruhya said...

re : walang lasa ang food hahaha Oo nga kaya nga mas madali kumain sa mura at mabilis di na kame nag resto-resto pa kain kame sa bahay at nag explore ako sa grocery store. Yes sure cielo will do and share it madali lang at mura pa. Ipo-post ko soon as i can okie?