Saturday, April 7, 2012

Eggs - Preparation for easter cake

I love eggs and i love baking so if i will put eggs and baking together i know it will gonna be a lot of eggs cooking hehehe :). I was searching recipes over the internet what will gonna bake for Easter till i find a recipe of easter cupcakes from cupcake project. Easter chocolate egg is a usual thing so for a change, i made cakes in a eggshell with the help of my daughter. Not only an Easter treat for childrens but for adults as well :)
i keep every eggshells, i have 3 dozens from eggs used for quiche, omelets and coconut macarons
followed carefully the opening and rinsing instructions ....
and the recipe as well except the sugar ( used cassonade which makes our cake darker )
before and ....
after baking
taste test - eating the excess from the egg cake
seriously peeling off her cake ( we ate 2 pieces each of us )
Delicious! with the remainig eggshells left, i think i will be making créme caramel in a eggshell just like what i had tried in Baguio " leche flan na nasa loob ng itlog" :)

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