Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter eggs: Happy Easter

Joyeuse Pâcques! - Happy Easter! - Maligayang pagkabuhay! Egg hunting must go on ... pour les gourmandes of chocolates. Today is sunday but Claudebiko is working, so just me and Bibingclara went to the Bercy village ( our usual Easter day destination hehe) after we had our lunch to get some treat from there (  free chocolate fondue ) also we meant to enroll Bibingclara for the chocolate workshop but unfortunately they didn't accept childrens less than 6 years old. Well, the chocolate atelier is for next, next year Easter celebration when my daughter is big enough to do her own designs of chocolate. Anyway, we are not complaining because though we didn't able to join her to the workshop, we still had our chocolate treat just beside the workshop booth. The treat : bits of apple, banana and pineapple coated with chocolate ooh la la  just my daughter who ate them all and in the end she was asking for more. I said that would be enough at the moment because we still have Easter eggs waiting for us at home :)
my first chocolate bunny Easter 2006
chocolate eggs 
Bibingclara had her Easter eggs treat from school last friday
everykid has one of this ( they made it in school ) bunny basket with little chocolate eggs
Still holiday tom "lundi de pâques" - Easter monday so still no work and no school eating chocolate eggs must continue. So for those who practice this tradition ( specially who has kids ), happy egg hunting and happy easter monday! Enjoy the Easter meal as well :)

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