Monday, March 19, 2012

Pinayfries is now a frenchfries

Citizenship ceremony is done! Yes i am a french now. That's the reason why i wanted to wear a dress feeling ko ga-graduate ako hahaha. After one year waiting ( processing ), i have got my french nationality officially last friday :)
 photo first beside marianne before quitting the marianne area-where the ceremony was held
I actually saw 2 of my previous classmates from french course ( one man and one woman ). I chitchatted a bit with the lady classmate but we didn't had the chance to have some souvenir photos because they leave right away after the ceremony. It was already past 2pm and we still didn't had our lunch so before going home we decided to dine-out somewhere. We went first to the restaurant where we eat mussels before, but unfortunately the restaurant is under renovation as we noticed people are at work or maybe they're finally closed? not so sure but anyway, we tried to find another restaurant and luckily we found Hippopotamus ( this is where i ate my first steak when i arrived in Paris ) :)
 good choice Claudebiko he was so contented with his meal super big portion with unlimited fries
i have ordered lamb i've got 3 little pieces with french beans
We were so hungry! We had a good late lunch and a bonus because we payed our bill with 30% discount less. We will definitely come back at Hippo of course with Bibingclara next time :)


Cielo said...

Congrats Maruh!

Maruhya said...

thank you Cielo :)