Friday, February 3, 2012

Spotted : nutella cupcakes

Speaking of nutella, i now remember where i've got the recipe of this yummy cupcake. I was searching on the internet for best cupcake recipe because i had no really idea which kind of cupcake i was going to try. I have had in my mind to make pound cake ( with mixed nuts, jams or chocolate bites ) and bake it using cupcake tray, until i found a recipe from one of my favorite food blog CASA of Ms. Connie Veneracion. Instantly, i tried her nutella cupcakes :)
i brought it for children when Bibingclara was still in the nursery :)
To get her recipe just click here. Next time, i'll try to bake cakes using nutella :) something like similar to the one i had tasted here in a coffee shop :)


Cielo said...

I will try this! Yesterday, i made a no bake cheesecake from Jell-O. Masarap pala sya ;-)

Maruhya said...

sureness magustuhan yan ng anak mo :) will post cheesecake related entry soon goodluck sa iyong baking adventure cielo (",)