Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Snowman cake

Let it snow, let it snow! that was what the childrens wishing for ( even me ). Yesterday night i saw from the neighborhood's roof ( on the other side of the building ) that it was snowing. Wondering if we could play and create snowman the next day but this morning, when we go outside ( i usually bring my daughter  down next door for a 1h gym ) the snow completely melted ehemm... no luck :(
first snow last sunday at the park
playing with her papa throwing snow balls
some snow left on our balcony this morning
she was still happy playing with the little snow
Again, snowman will be for a next time. My daughter diverted easily her disappointment  ( of making snowman with the snow ) by making a cake, a snowman cake :)
1 cup cake flour
50g butter
2 eggs
3/4 sugar
1/2tsp baking soda
some chocolate morsels about 3tbsp
3tbsp cacao powder
assorted candies for decoration
icing powder- drops of water or milk
i made two batches of mixture and use variety of candies ( my kid love it )
i put milk for the icing ( i am not gifted when it comes to icing so dont copy hahaha )
In a bowl, whisk butter and sugar add eggs. Add flour little by little while mixing. Add baking soda, chocolate morsels and cacao powder. Pour in into baking mold ( i have silicon head of snowman so i divided the mixture into two ) bake at 175°c for 20 minutes. Demold and let cool for 5 minutes.
our icing turn out thin but still we used it to stick little candies on the cake
decoration time my daughter was so busybusy babe
the snowman chamba-chamba ( try-try ) cake!!!
hmm... masarap according to her naku iisa-isahin nya yang kendi :)
A productible mom-daughter day wednesday! hmm... i can't resist tinikman ko sya ( guilty? )

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