Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ikéa food section: Cinnamon rolls

When we need furnitures, we go for Ikéa. We are "suki" because everything in the house is from there ( computer table, sofa, kitchen table, baking and kitchen tools and everything in Bibingclara's room including her bed ). The reason? mura hehehe their price only catches our budget. Aside from furnitures, etc... they also have food section where you can find swedish products. They also have restaurant where you can eat after a tiring look around shopping hehehe. When we eat in their restaurant, i always go for  swedish meatballs ( matakaw ako sa gravy ) with fries on the side and for Ikéa family member, you can get free coffee during weekdays. And when we just go having a snack, we always choose their hotdog sandwhich menu ( with soda unlimited ). Itanong daw kung baket? ang sagot? kasi "mura" hehehe imagine, if you just pick a hotdog sandwhich you will only pay 0.50 cents at me mustard at ketchup pa yan :)
cinnamon roll and soda ( red orangina )
If i want to get spoiled a bit, ( konti lang ) i get one cinnamon roll more for me. Masarap ito sa libreng kape :)


Cielo said...

Thursday schedule kami sa Ikea.I often eat their Salmon :-) haven't tried their meatballs..masubukan nga hehehe.Inaabangan kasi namin ang delivery ng seat cover laging ubos eh.hopefully meron na.gastos na naman ito hehehe

Maruhya said...

"gastos na naman ito" - hehehe korek! :)